Designing your community’s surveillance coverage is a delicate balancing act for Watchtower Security. Careful consideration must be applied as we work to craft a balance between the needs and coverage versus the VALUE that you receive from your monthly investment. To the lay-person, the process of surveillance might appear quite simple (i.e. put cameras where needed), but in all actuality, the proper process of system design is a complex and time-consuming activity. No two properties are alike, and their surveillance needs can vary greatly. Therefore, many points of analysis must be wagered in the design process in order to bring true value to your investment.


Many “hardware vendors” simply want to sell you the cameras, install them, and then disappear. Their chief concern is to sell you as many cameras as possible (where their markup is). They have no vested interest in the long-term outcome of whether their product helped achieve your safety and security goals.


Additionally, these “hardware vendors” often look to keep their installation costs down while designing their coverage plans. Therefore, they do not always place cameras in the most ideal places. Instead, they do what is easiest for them to get in and out. Then, once the installation is complete and they have collected their check, they only care about future service calls for when their equipment fails outside of the warranty (if you can even get them to respond!).

When Watchtower Security designs a surveillance solution, it is not just a one-hour visit to your property. Instead, it is a very long multi-day process. Coupling this process with our years of experience in this industry, and our training from CPTED study (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), allows us to craft a perfect balance of cost/value versus coverage for our clients.

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