When inquiring about a position at Watchtower Security,  please indicate which department you are applying for and include your resume.


Applicants may apply for the following departments:


    • Service
      • The Service department is responsible for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting all installed equipment.  
    • Project Management/Installation
      • Our Installation team installs all equipment on our client’s site.  From cabling to hanging cameras, our customer service driven installation team works hard to get the job done right the first time.
    • Development
      • The Development department works to create a user-friendly environment for our clients to interact with video from their property.  This department embraces new technology to help leverage it for the benefit of our client base.
    • Forensic Review
      • The Forensic Review department works directly with our clients, analyzing hours of footage to provide the client with definitive answers to any event that occurred on their property.
    • Finance
      • The Finance team works closely with all other departments to handle billing, collections, payroll and much more.
    • Sales
      • The Sales team independently consults each of our clients to provide the best camera coverage at the greatest return on investment.  Throughout the life of each agreement, the sales team works with our clients to help them keep what they value most secure.


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